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The Heart of Education

Technology has impacted our world, and our learning spaces are changing because we are envisaging a new world citizen. We hope our students will learn the traditional skills of mathematics and literacy but more importantly we are valuing skills of critical thinking, perseverance, conscientiousness, collaboration, creativity and self-efficacy. These skills are integral to educational performance, to a student's future economic … Continue reading The Heart of Education

How to boost an entire country’s GDP

The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive. As the well being of girls and women improve, society in general is better off too. The simple chance for women to live a healthier and happier life should be enough of a reason for promoting girls education. Yet when you consider too, the ripple effect of benefit which comes from this … Continue reading How to boost an entire country’s GDP

Blackout Poetry: A Vehicle for Voice?

Words, nothing but words, so simple and yet so powerful!

People often feel moved to write a poem. This is a brilliant creative activity using poetry. Thank you for the insight Judy Huf.

Schooled For Life

While recently trolling through Twitter, I came across a selection of blackout poems which were produced by some young students. Their work was incredible – creative and imaginative, expressive and beautiful.

I was instantly captivated by the idea and its application to an upcoming EDFD459 assignment on the refugee crisis since:

  1. Few resources are needed. (A page from a newspaper and a pencil or a black texta/marker would suffice.)
  2. It would be suitable for a wide age and ability range – from early readers to adults.
  3. It combines the voices of art and poetry as a vehicle for the narrative.

With my recent research on the refugee crisis foremost in my mind, I printed out a page of text from a novel I am currently reading, and began creating:


This is the message I would wish to portray to the refugee children: “Amongst the grief, the heart-ache, and the uncertainty…

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What Matters Most

Most refugees travel light, they arrive at their final destinations with only a few necessities of life. When the choice is 'life or death' it is easier to place value on what is most important. World Vision suggests that the greatest needs of refugees are 'food, clothing, health assistance, shelter, and basic household and hygiene items. They need reliable supplies of clean water, … Continue reading What Matters Most